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It’s 4:40am in the morning right now.

Why are you awake? You might ask. Well, if you must know, I slept the whole day. That’s not even an exaggeration— I literally slept the day away. My whole sleep cycle is upside down, and today I slept for like 16 hours!

That’s not even even unusual these days… you see, that’s what happens when one is depressed. Sleeping is such sweet escape. In my sleep, I can dream of better times… times when I was happy living my life in the real world.

But alas, try as one might to sleep all the pain away, one must still wake up. Believe me, I tried. Honestly, it’s hard when you hate your life. As if living is a curse… you wake up wishing you can go back to that nightmare you just had!

But life can’t go like this forever. At one point, you do have to wake up and face the music. You can’t live your life sleeping — It literally is a waste of a life. If there truly is just one life to live, then by golly, I guess you got to face it head on.

It’s easier said than done, and I’ve had myself go through this pep talk before. But I guess, what’s important is that I just keep on trying.

Just keep on trying.