Today I was struck with a sudden realization.

I can continue being “comfortable” in own my fictional ruminations of what-ifs and missed opportunities, over-turning scenarios of what “actually happened” with “what could have happened” if only I did this or did that… or I could just stop.

Stop thinking about it right at its tracks.

There’s a certain comfort in ruminating with what could have happened. You get to reimagine it “actually happening” the way “it could have been”. It all could still be real, if only in your head… if even for just a moment.

But this thought is fleeting, and untangible. A moment of estranged comfort is not worth the pain you then feel when reality comes crashing down

The past is never going to change itself, no matter how much you wish it in your head to be.

You just have to believe that everything that has happened to you up until this point has happened for a purpose, and that you are onto bigger and better things.

And in the end, you have to learn to accept things as they are and not as how they “should” be.