At the outset, buying bulk seems like a no brainer. You’re probably going to buy them anyway, why not save yourself the trip of going back to the store and save in the long run?

Well, the thing with buying bulk is that just based on human tendencies, the more you have of something, the more you’re probably going to waste it. Either you’ll use relatively more of that liquid soap or you’ll throw away that leftover chicken. You’ll probably notice yourself stretching the life of your toothpaste only just when it’s about to run out.

Scarcity brings out our natural instinct to conserve while abundance tends to make us wasteful.

Still, when it comes to everyday essentials, it’s probably good to buy bulk as savings can be substantial enough to offset any of our wasteful tendencies. This is especially true if the the things you are buying imperesiable items such as toilet paper rolls.

No Up Side

When it comes to junk food though, unless you’re planning a party, there is just no upside to buying bulk.

For one thing, junk food is a treat where you’re better off not eating any, so if you’re going to buy any at all, best to just get small quantities. Spending more money for a bigger portion is definitely not helping your wallet.

It is also quite hard to portion out treats. Buy a tub of ice cream, tell yourself to stretch it out for the month, and see how long it actually lasts!

What’s more, junk food is highly correlated with having health problems and obesity. So even if you think you’re saving with buying cheap artificial foods now, just wait until you get that humongous hospital bill for heart problems or diabetes down the road.

The Seefood Diet

I’m personally guilty of having a “Seefood” diet– If I see something on the counter or if there are snacks easily available, I tend to just gobble them all up! That is why I make sure I eat a full meal before grocery shopping. If I’m not hungry, then I won’t feel the need to place random yummy snacks on my trolley.

It is a fact that if you have snacks at home, it will take willpower to resist it. And the longer, more stressful the day, the less likely you’ll be able to ignore that tub of cookies and cream ice cream that’s so yummy and conveniently ready-to-eat. Before you know it, you’ll definitely gain all that unwanted weight in no time!

Best to just remove the temptation entirely.