I love my bed. It’s so soft and comforting, and sometimes, I just don’t want to leave it!

In fact, in my old house I had a table I can pull towards my bed that had a computer on it. With this set up, I could wake up and get straight to fiddling away on me computer!

The lazy/efficiency person in me was thrilled! Who needs to do that few extra steps to the table when you can just get up and get right to cracking?!

"Super productivity, here I come", said no one from their bed ever.

Lo and behold, from day 1 I encountered a problem— The bed was much too comfy!

Now how can that be a problem you might ask?

Well, comfort levels is actually directly proportional to wanting to laze around, do unproductive stuff, and ultimately sleep— and these are exactly the problems I encountered.

So what’s the solution to this?

Well, as uncomfortable as it sounds, the first step is to actually stay away from the bed… The next step is to find a viable separate space to work in.

Having a Designated Place for Work

Have you ever wondered why working in the office, coffee shop or the library is so effective in terms of productivity? This is because you get to separate your work place from your home place. When you go to these places, your mind can focus on the work, and not everything else that you can do around the house.

Having a home set up is not so bad either, especially if you have a separate room from the bedroom. In this way, when you step into that room, your mind knows that it’s time for work and not for sleeping.

Now, if you don’t have a seprate room in the house, at the very least, have a work corner in your room. If it is away from the sight of your bed, then even better. It is important to designate these separate spaces. In this way, your brain can shift gears into work mode and better focus on the task at hand, which is to do some actual work.

And so… as much as I want to stay comfy in bed, now I choose to walk a few steps into my little work corner I have set up for myself. This way I can actually sit up right and do some work!